Start collecting smartly...

Bircle automates your company's collection management so you can focus on your core business. We make the payment process easy for your customers, take care of your brand, and reduce delinquency rates.

Conversational AI for frictionless collections

  • Our AI Agent makes it easy for your clients to pay on time through a conversational, frictionless, and respectful payment process.

  • Tag conversations, provide answers, solve problems, and facilitate payments 24/7 via WhatsApp, while taking care of your brand and maintaining a respectful approach with the customer.

All the tools to automate your company's collections in one place.

Smart payment reminders:

Automatic communication with your clients via email and WhatsApp (SMS and Voice coming soon). Our intelligent algorithm chooses the best time and channel of contact, increasing the recovery rate.

All payment options + automatic reconciliation.

Offer your clients a variety of 100% online payment methods to ensure and increase your collection. Reconcile all payments in one place to avoid administrative headaches.

Intuitive dashboard and real-time metrics.

Manage all the available information about your clients and the status of their payments in real time. Access precise reports to better understand your client and their payment behavior.

Voice AI.

We have the most advanced infrastructure on the market in voice AI agents. Our agent negotiates by call like a human being.

How does it work?

Setup in 4 simple steps:

  • Quick and easy implementation: including via API, file management without development (Excel, CSV, TXT, etc.), and native connections with leading ERP/CRM, all with full technical support.

  • The AI is trained and fed from your knowledge base and is guided by your company's policies and brand guidelines, allowing it to assist and make informed decisions in the collection process to your client.

  • Intelligent selection of contact channels, message setup, and conversational agent configuration.

  • The ability to intervene and control all conversations at any time. Re-training of the AI based on experience and effectiveness in collections.

Collect without stress...

Good for you, convenient for your clients. Bircle facilitates a friendly and respectful payment process, strengthening the business relationship.


Our vision is to create a world where businesses manage their collections using a smart and respectful approach, supported by advanced technology. Thus, we maximize the revenue flow of companies while preserving customer satisfaction.


Bircle: The easiest and most intuitive way for your clients to pay you.

We know that debts can strain the company-customer relationship. At Bircle, we simplify the payment process for your customers, helping them regain their financial peace of mind and strengthening the relationship with your company.

How does it work?

Access your account statement
Simply log in with your client number or identification document to see all your outstanding debts in one place.
Explore customized payment options
We understand that every situation is unique. Choose a payment plan that fits your financial capabilities, with installment payment options or special agreements.
Make payments easily
Pay online from the comfort of your home through our secure platform, with various payment methods available.

Flexible plan, We only charge if you win!

No fine print, win-win!

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We also have solutions to automate your customer service and sales areas.