Start collecting on autopilot, with AI agents acting as your best and most respectful debt collector.

While we take care of your brand, we collect debts from your debtors 75% more efficiently.

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Tools to automate your company's collections.

We introduce an end-to-end solution that automates your company's collections. Our tools allow you to take care of your customers and recover your credits more efficiently.

AI agents for all instances of delinquency

Leave your customers in good hands. Our AI agents behave exactly as the best collector would, according to each instance of delinquency: preventive, early, and late.

Omnichannel contactability and multiple payment methods

The agent contacts, responds, and reconciles with your debtors through your website, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Fast, cheap, and efficient

10 times cheaper and more efficient than a call center.

Integrate our software into your company instantly

Simply give us access to your database, and start collecting on autopilot.

Train the model to be your best employee!

Easily teach your model.

  • 100% Customizable

    The agent learns and adapts to your organizational culture to respect your brand.

  • We train it to become your best collector

    Contacts debtors at the right time, with the perfect and respectful message, to maximize the chances of collection without losing them as a client.

  • Learns about your customers and stays updated

    Profiles and segments your customers based on the stage of delinquency and collectability.

  • Alive and friendly

    Offers the most optimal payment plans and methods for your interests.

Manage all collections to your debtors automatically

An artificial intelligence agent that facilitates contactability and collection from your debtors.

How does it work?

Three simple steps and it's ready.

  • Share your company's links and documents with us

    Connect your website, social media profiles, articles, videos, and more. Simply add the links or accounts you want to use to train and personalize your AI agent.

  • BircleAI's AI creates your collections assistant

    BircleAI's artificial intelligence technology analyzes and processes the selected content, turning it into a collector that manages your collections 24/7.

  • Omnichannel, multiple payment methods, and at all stages of delinquency

    The agent contacts omnichannel from the beginning, responding and reconciling with your customers on the channels where they currently interact.

Flexible plan, We only charge if you win!

No fine print, win-win!

  • Standard

    Great for starting to automate your collections with your customers.

    10% per effective collection.

  • Business

    Aimed at teams requiring advanced solutions, tailored to their needs and requirements.


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